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Pro Patriot 2 Inch Jockstrap (Red/white/blue)

Pro Patriot 2 Inch Jockstrap (Red/white/blue)

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Wear it like a PRO!

Introducing Jockstrap Central's new brand of jockstraps called PRO. With the first jock out of the dugout - our Pro Proformance Jock along with this special limited edition jock called the <b>Pro Patriot Jockstrap</b>.

It's a sports jock in red, white and blue complete with white stars on a blue waistband, red and white stripes on the pouch and blue leg straps.

Here's the specs: Contoured pouch, 2 inch wide waistband and 1 inch wide leg straps. In Bright, fade resistant colors.

It's the perfect jock for either the Fourth of July or if you're Captain America, wear it under your suit to give you some extra support while fighting off those hoodlums.

SIZING WARNING: The sizing on this Patriot jock is slightly different than the Pro Proformance Jockstraps due to a different style of waistband elastic. Double check your size selection against our recommended sizes.

Pro Proformance Jocks are available in 8 great colors - army-green, black, blue, grey, orange, scarlet, white and yellow - collect them all!
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