JC Athletic was founded in 2017 by owners Adrian Dobson and John Taite. But to really understand it's origins you really have to go way back in time to 2005, it's when the owners met. They both were in careers they hated and both had a love of jockstraps so they got together and created an online retail store called Jockstrap Central. Guess you can't guess what they sold?

For a decade, everything was going great but then one by one, all the sports jockstrap manufacturers started disappearing. So Adrian and John decided to take matters into their own hands, after all, how can you be a jockstrap retail store without classic sports jockstraps? In 2016, they put combined their creative juices and tapped in to their vast experience and knowledge from both selling and wearing jockstraps and created what they felt was the ultimate classic jockstrap that you could call "Your New Old Faithful".

In 2017, the JC Athletic Classic Sport Jockstraps was born. Within weeks, countless glowing reviews and positive customer testimonials were rolling in.