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JC Athletic Jockstraps

Your new old faithful is here! With Bike, Activeman and Flarico all ceasing production of their jockstraps this past year, the owners of Jockstrap Central felt it was time to take matters into their own hands and produce what we consider to be the ultimate classic sports jocks. JC Athletic Classic Jocks' design are the culmination of 12 years of experience of not only wearing sports jocks persohnally but also outfitting their customers in jock over the past decase.

We were six months from inception to this final product and we're pretty confident they're exactly what you want in your sports jock: They are simple, functional, comfortable, masculine and even understated with a nod to the classic sports jocks of yesteryear.

We have two styles currently available: The JC Athletic Classic 3 Inch Jockstrap and the JC Athletic Classic Swimmer Jockstrap. Both styles have a moisture wicking woven pouch. With the incredibly soft mostly poly pouch, a hint of rubber for stretch and shape retention and the ergonomic design of the pouch, we found the perfect balance between comfort and support - we even gave the pouch some extra contouring to prevent what we call the dewlap (the extra sloppy flap of fabric below the balls due to excess material in many sports jocks).


We've been selling JC Athletic jocks over at Jockstrap Central for the past few months and the reviews are in. Here's what our customers have to say about JC Athletic Classic Jockstraps:

"Love your JC Athletics jocks! Great quality, durable and *amazing* fit" - John M., California
"I got the jock yesterday and I'm wearing it today! It's so soft and comfy. The waistband sits perfectly and doesn't feel like it's cutting into me. The pouch is soft and feels great on my junk. It's a great jock!" - Chris W., Virginia
"As a working man, your new JC jock is the jock I've been waiting for someone to make all my life." - Dave C., Montana

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